Are you interested in buying or selling a used truck, tractor, trailer bed or van? Nijwa Used Trucks is the perfect place for you! We offer you a complete range of barely used, reliable transport material. Our large variety of products in stock means it is always possible to find you the perfect truck, trailer bed, trailer or van. From our location in Hengelo our used material makes its way to new owners. And to destinations beyond our national borders.

Nijwa Used Trucks is unique because we, as part of Nijwa Groep (dealer of Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks), also offer a wide range of services in addition to our range of used trucks, rigid vehicles, vans and trailers.

  • Making vehicles road worthy and making modifications in our workshop
  • Requesting and handling all your (export) documents
  • Transporting to and from various destinations
  • Shipping


Our workshop

All products undergo a technical inspection at our workshop in Hengelo. Naturally we can also provide services such as MOT, overhaul and conversion.

Own transport

Own transport

If you would like your truck to be delivered to your company, our own transportation equipment will ensure you can have the pleasure of driving immediately.

Export registration numbers

Export registration numbers and insurance

Do you want to drive yourself? That is also possible. We provide a registration number (in the case of export) and the relevant insurance.



Nijwa Used Trucks is certified by the RDW, the National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority. This makes it easy to transfer vehicles, or provide warranty for them. In addition, we provide the necessary export documents for export outside the EU.

Shipping companies

Shipping companies

Because Nijwa Used Trucks delivers worldwide, we have excellent relations with shipping companies. This means you can have your item shipped by us if required.

Excellent service

Nijwa Used Trucks puts its people first: we form a strong team. For additional information on Nijwa Used Trucks, please contact us on +31 (0)74 24 72 504.